Our Services

The strength of any engineering consultancy is depend upon the quality and caliber of its staff members. The greatest benefits that JKM offers to our clients are the technical skills by our engineering, design and project management specialists. We strongly encourage our engineers to become licensed Professional Engineers. Proudly, we all share a common goal, that is to ensure uncompromising quality that goes beyond the expectations of each and every client in everything that we set out to accomplish.

We started as a small engineering firm and today has grown to a strong engineering consultancy firm specializing in facilities studies, planning, designs, systems and construction administration. We are proud to say that with out multi-talents, we offer innovative solutions to the following fields:

  • Project Management
  • Highway
  • Infrastructural Engineering
  • Structural Engineering / Industrialised Building System (IBS)
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies